Smartphones Connect the World

We believe everyone deserves the right to know how to use technology, without all of the frustration of having to learn alone.

In a fun and inclusive environment the smartphone and tablet are easy to learn!

No Pressure Environment

By providing a no pressure, no tests environment where questions and comments are encouraged, we have found it can be quite simple to learn how to use smartphones and tablets. All that is needed are simple instructions with pictures and the reassurance on a job well done. The student’s joy of reducing stress and feeling empowered to use their technology takes care of the rest


Basic Instructions and Workbooks


We have 2 levels of the basics to learn how to use your smartphone and tablet. In these basic classes we teach the students the foundation skills like making phone calls, to the skills that are useful for improving the quality of life like using maps, and the calendar.

If you would like to see the contents of each class, click the buttons below to see the syllabus for each class.

Once we have completed the basic classes, we can begin 4 to 8 week long courses on the larger apps and programs available. Such as Social media, wearables like smart watches, Google assistant, and more! The decision on which program or topic to learn after the basics courses is made by the class near the end of level 2.

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