We’re Going Above & Beyond

To empower and protect the common man, woman, and business in our technology driven world.

We’re Going Above & Beyond

18490 Nelson Place NE, Poulsbo, WA 98370.

Who We Are

Above And Beyond Tech is built on the principles of empowering, protecting, and educating people with technology available today.
We aim to ease the stress, frustration, and damage that comes with our ever advancing technology.
We're working to end the customer disservice often experienced while seeking tech support.





Services We Provide

Tech Support

We can solve any problem you, or your small business, could experience with technology.
Services we provide:

  • solve computer problems
  • install new devices
  • fix misbehaving printers and other network devices
  • convert VHS to DVD and digital
  • nearly any other problem you bring to us

Cyber Security

Your information, and your device's capabilities are all valuable to cyber criminals.
With your information a cyber criminal can take on your identity online, and wreak havoc on your social, personal, and financial life.
With your devices a cyber criminal can steal your identity, launch cyber attacks on others, and monitor everything you do online.
We provide:

  • cyber security checkups,
  • identity protection,
  • computer virus cleaning,
  • software solutions.


If you find yourself confused trying to use your technology, we can help end your confusion by offering one on one tutoring and training sessions for your computer, smartphone, and tablet.

Computer Repair

From hardware issues to software issues. Hard drives, data recovery, broken keyboards. You name it, we can fix it. Don't let a broken device ruin your quality of life.

How we work.

1 In Home or Business Support

We will come to you.
Have you ever wished you could have a techno wizard come to your house to solve a problem or two, someone who really knew their stuff about computers, tablets, phones, TVs and all the other electronic devices available today?
Call us today. We will be your techno wizard. We provide our in-home And business services to all of Kitsap County, Jefferson County, and Gig Harbor in Pierce County, Washington.

2 Support Over the Internet

We can provide support through the magic of the internet.
Do you find yourself spending time with issues that seem small but still take large portions of your time to solve?
What about big problems that need to get solved as soon as possible?
By utilizing the power of the internet, we are able to provide support across the US.