The Computer Improves your Quality of Life

We believe everyone deserves the right to enjoy the improved quality of life that comes with using the computer.

A few of the larger quality of life improvements are an increase in social activity, and an improved sense of well being.

Improved Social Life

The seniors who attend class regularly see a few huge benefits in their social lives. The increased social activity isn’t just over the internet either, socialization and community building are encouraged in class.

By structuring the group class with students near each other, we promote the students to lend assistance to a struggling neighbor. This also encourages students to share their skills, and new found information along with other interests. As the students skills grow, so does the sense of friendship and community. We see the students more readily ask for help from each other and giving help to each other… even outside of class!

The students are encouraged in class to interact with each other over the internet as well. By teaching the students how to use tools such as email, social media, and video calls, we are teaching them to further interact with their neighbors and families. This further cements the sense of friendship and community felt between the students of the class.


Improved Sense of Well Being


As the students become better and more familiar with the computer, and the community around them, their sense of well being improves. By learning a new skill and feeling the sense of accomplishment of instructions successfully completed, we can improve the students self image and self belief. Through an improved self image the student becomes more comfortable with the trial process of making new objects such as word documents, memes. and social media posts. These are a few of the tools that can be used to cement new thoughts and skills.

The student that becomes aware that they can learn the basics about any subject, and then through the process of attempting to create material about the subject, find they can become self reliant, and experienced in just about any subject.

I call this exploring the world through the internet. This process of learning a new way of exploring the world, coupled with an improved ability to socialize and connect, allows the student to feel more content with their ability in the world.

The improved sense of well being comes from a sens of connection with a community, the acquisition of new skills, and an improved ability to explore and interact with the world.

Everyone Deserves Access to These Skills

We believe everyone deserves access to learning these skills and abilities. That is why we have developed the course work to walk seniors through this process in a fun and encouraging way.

We begin by teaching the group what we call the basics level 1 which is a 10 week course. We then move through an intermediate level, which is another 10 week course. Both of these courses teach various skills and programs. This course is not designed for memorization, but instead to encourage familiarity, and comfort around exploring buttons and objects on the screen. To explore what we teach in our 2 beginners classes click the buttons below this section.

Once general familiarity and comfort has been built around the computer, we begin to concentrate on individual programs, or websites for 4 to 8 weeks. The students decide the programs we learn based on group concensous. A few of the programs include Facebook, Microsoft word, Meme making, Subject research, and more.


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