“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world”
― Nelson Mandela

We believe learning how to use technology can be a fun, and inspiring process.

By providing a warm and social environment, even someone who has never picked up a computer or smartphone can learn.

Smartphone Classes

We believe it is a standard right to learn how to use today's tech to communicate in a way that works best for the individual!

Smartphone Classes

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Computer Classes

Our classes provide a fantastic
no pressure environment
regardless of your skill level.

Computer Classes

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We know that the computer is the window we can use to peer into the internet.

Without the computer to keep us up to date, we begin to fall behind in our social interactions. We lose out on the ability to instantly communicate with our family, and see them from anywhere in the world!

Because it is so easy to fall behind the social curve with today’s technology we have created computer classes with various levels to help seniors at nearly any skill level.

We have created 2 introductory level sets of classes to introduce seniors to the technology in an easy and fun manner. Once the basics have been picked up by the group, we begin to learn more advanced programs in 4-8 week courses. The programs are chosen by the group in the class.

Don’t let yourself, or the seniors in your life be left behind to struggle with technology on their own. Sign them up for computer classes today!


We believe that everyone has the right to understand and to use the life changing technology available at our finger tips

The smartphone has proven to be one of the most useful tools we have ever had. Now that its here, What happens to and for those that never learned how to use them?

Thats where we come in, we offer smartphone classes at various levels to teach all skill levels. We have 2 introduction levels for our easiest set classes designed to teach seniors how to use their smartphones.

Once the seniors understand the basics of using their devices we begin taking in depth looks at the specific apps the group decides to learn, and we begin a 4-8 week course on a group selected app or program.


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