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Password Protected

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build a strong password

So much of our personal information is online, so it’s only fit that we use passwords to prevent others from accessing our info or trying to steal data.
It’s important to make these passwords as strong as possible. Some people use passwords consisting of a variation of upper and lower case letters, symbols, and numbers. For example: P4$sW0R9!

While guessing something like this may be tough for people, computers have been designed to run through millions of combinations exactly like the example password given. Recently, it seems as though using a string of four random words is safer. Something a long the lines of: Jubileerainpaintedcakes. If the site requires numbers or special characters, or if you just want to go above and beyond, add a number or special character.

Make sure you don’t use overly common words or phrases either. Something like “gowiththeflow” might be easily figured out.

Last but not least, password length is important. You don’t have to go crazy, but around 15 characters seems to be a good amount.

Password for a password

Nothing is worse than forgetting a password. Imagine trying to log in to an online account to find you’ve forgotten your password. Your go to would be sending a password recovery email to yourself only; you’ve forgotten the password to that email. What started as a simple attempt to log in somewhere has become a nightmare process of fumbling through old email accounts to recover a password.

Situations like that don’t arise often, but I’m sure everyone can relate to the annoying feeling of forgetting a password.

Luckily, most websites now a days will save your password for you. However, if you want to keep all your passwords in one place, and have your computer remembers passwords that websites don’t save, then LastPass is something to look in to. LastPass is a plugin that is added to your browser. When logging in somewhere, LastPass will ask you if you’d like to add this information to your saved vault. LastPass will then save not only your password, but your username or email address as well.

Even better, you can go into LastPass and see which email addresses you have connected to different online accounts, as well as the password you used.

Protecting personal information should be a top priority, and strong passwords are the first step. If you have more questions regarding passwords or any other matters, leave a comment below.

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