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Smart Homes Pt. 3

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Smart Homes so far…

In the first smart home article, we talked about the first steps to setting up a smart home. Selecting the hub, connecting it, and linking all your devices. Last week, we talked about some of the features smart homes can offer you.

In this article you’ll learn about some of the more practical smart devices. While smart lights and shades are definitely useful, they aren’t as much of a necessity.

Smart home technology also offers things such as water sensors, smart doorbells, and smart locks.

Avoid water damage

Have you ever walked in to your laundry room to find some water has leaked out from underneath the washing machine? Usually nothing comes of it, but sometimes leaks can be worse. If your hot water heater started leaking it could cause some serious problems, even worse if you’re out of the house all day or on vacation. Smart sensors allow you to place a device wherever you may be worried about water damage. This device can connect to your smartphone which will alert you if something changes. These sensors can detect a shift in position, rising moisture levels, and in depending on the sensor, a change in heat. Two well known companies offering smart sensors are Samsung Smart Things and Fibaro Z Wave. Water sensors are perfect for keeping an eye on your home or making sure a leaky window doesn’t damage any electronics.

Who’s at the door?

Perhaps you’re in the kitchen finishing up dinner, or in your garage getting your weed whacker ready to do some edging, or you’re sitting comfy on the couch when suddenly the doorbell rings. It’s never fun rushing away from what you’re doing only to find it was the mailman leaving a package outside. Despite the situation, it’s nice to be able to see who’s at the door without getting up. Zmodo makes doorbells with cameras that connect directly to your phone. You can use this on the go as well. Ring Video is another smart doorbell option, this one pairing conveniently with Alexa.

Similar to smart doorbells are smart cameras. These are like normal security cameras, but designed to be easily accessed with your smartphone. Two top rated cameras are the Logitech Circle 2 and the Amazon Cloud Cam. The Nest Hello is another good camera that can also be used as a smart doorbell. In-home cameras are perfect if you’re worried about security, or if you simply want to keep and eye on your children or pets when you aren’t home.

Locking up

Another security oriented smart device is the smart lock. August Smart Lock and Shlage Sense have great smart locks. Smart locks allow you to control which doors are unlocked with your phone. Maybe you forgot your keys, or maybe your kid needs to get inside and you’re stuck in traffic. Use your phone to let whoever inside. Also nice if you need to let someone in but you’re preoccupied.

As you’ve read in these articles, smart home technology offers some very unique and convenient benefits to your everyday life, granting even more use to your already useful smartphone. None of these are necessary per se, but they offer a noticeable improvement in your everyday quality of life. After all, it’s always better to stop a leak before it becomes a flood. If you are interested in installing smart devices, or if you just have more questions, please comment below or contact us directly.

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