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Smart Homes Pt. 2

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Don’t forget the hub

Last week we talked about the basics of smart homes and how to set up smart devices. To do this, you need to purchase a hub. The hub connects to your wifi router and in turn, allows your smart devices to connect to your phone, giving you full control with the press of a finger. Picking out a hub isn’t too hard, and there are a few different brands to choose from. Once all that’s in order, you can begin picking out which smart technology you want for your home.


You’re coming home late, after a long day. The house is dark but you don’t want to ruin the peaceful mood. Just whip out your smart phone and select which lights you want on as well as how bright you want them to be. Time to head to bed? Use your phone to configure the lighting, even from a different room.

Smart lights allow you to enjoy these leisures. Designed with the users experience in mind, smart lights can do pretty much anything you’d imagine a light could do. As mentioned, you can change lighting from different rooms or even away from the house. You’re able to adjust how bright you want it and you can even put lights on a timer.

A few different companies offer smart lights, a well known one being Noon Light. To allow the lights to have all the mentioned features you’ll need something known as a smart socket. This is just like any other light socket that you’d put a lightbulb in, but it has unique features and connects to your smartphone. Amazon has an array of smart sockets for sale, including these.

Don’t want to carry your phone around? No problem. Smart switches can also be implemented, allowing the same brightness control but appearing not much differently than a normal light switch. Koogeek offers smart switches and sockets.

Let the sun in

Lights aren’t the only thing that keep the house bright. Natural lighting shouldn’t be taken for granted. Especially in some states, where sunlight seems like a rarity. Smart shades offer the same features as smart lights. From your phone, you can adjust how much light you want. Perfect for those lazy mornings, when you don’t want too much light creeping in just yet.

Next week we’ll cover even more of the neat features that you can enjoy with smart home technology. Click here to read last weeks article if you missed it. And remember, if you have any questions comment below or contact us.

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