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Take Control of Your WiFi

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One big network

It’s weird to think about how connected our world is today. Because of technology, we have access to instant answers, instant communication, and instant satisfaction.

All this instant gratification can get a little addicting, especially for kids and teens. There’s nothing wrong with Instagramming their food or sending some selfies with Snapchat. The problem arises when you’re trying to get them to sleep but unfortunately, the internet doesn’t sleep. No one wants their kids watching Netflix all night, only to have them be tired the next day. Especially when school comes back around…

Meet circle

Luckily, Disney has come up with a simple solution. Circle, or Circle Home, is a device created for one purpose: to manage your home WiFi how you want it to be managed. Circle Home pairs wirelessly with your homes WiFI and lets you view and manage any device connected to that network.

Circle allows you to create unique profiles for each member of your family. Perhaps it’s bedtime for the kids but you still want to relax and stream a movie. Circle allows you to simply turn off the WiFi accessibility on your child’s device, while allowing you to stay connected.

the bedtime enforcer

Simply summarized, Circle lets you to control any device that’s connected to your home network. You’re able to manage which websites are visited, set specific times to limit accessibility, and of course stop connectivity all together.

Social media, streaming, and video games all have their place. But if you’re concerned about how often your kid does this, or simply want to guarantee a bedtime, Circle is there to help.

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