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Stay Safe By Staying Up To Date

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Technology moves the world

We live in a world where technology runs parallel to every day life. You can use phones or computers as a map, to stay in touch with friends across the world, or order food.

Some people would argue that they are not so dependent on technology. However, take a moment and think about your average day. Do you bank online, communicate with your friends over the internet, or have a printer at home? Do you take your phone with you everywhere you go?

In todays world, chances are you do.

If so, you need to keep your devices like your smartphone, printer, and computer up to date! That means clicking “update” instead of “remind me later” in those pesky notification boxes.

The risk of convenience

So why is this important?

As per usual, hackers are always on the prowl. Watching update logs allows hackers to make bugs to target non updated devices using the fixes mentioned in the update logs. This can allow them to steal information from you like your login information for online sites, your location information (where you are at any time), and even take control of your camera in some cases!

No one wants their privacy to be intruded upon and losing personal information can be pretty scary. But don’t call tech support just yet. Ensure your cyber security by taking the simple measures to keep your device safe.

Stay up to date

It’s easy.

Just continue to update your device whenever an update is presented. Not only will this help guarantee your privacy, but in some cases it will help the device function, speeding up apps that may have slowed down or adding quality of life updates to improve your everyday use.

If you continue to have problems with your devices contact your local computer repair technician or leave your question or issue as a comment below.

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