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What’s Up With VPNs?

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Imagine this…

Rain falls softly, pitter pattering upon the gray sidewalk. A fog creeps delicately through the furry fingers of the evergreen trees. Inspired by what you see, your eyes trail away from the cafe window and fall upon your laptop. Taking advantage of the cafes free wifi, you start typing out a Facebook status, happily sipping your coffee.

Public wifi is one of the staple amenities of the modern tech world. Whether you’re catching a ferry from Bainbridge Island or you’re cozied up in your favorite coffee spot downtown Poulsbo, it’s nice to have access to the internet. In fact, it’s so common place that people can casually work on the go.

With how frequently electronics are used, it’s no surprise that people have found a way to use unsecured public wifi to steal personal information. Unsecured public wifi is the kind you can log into without a password. Anything sent over this type of network can be seen by others who are connected to the same network.

A vpn can help

VPN stands for virtual private network. VPNs enable users to send and receive data across shared public networks as if their device was directly connected to a private network. This can improve both function and security when browsing the web on what would normally be unsecured wifi.

If a VPN is something you’re interested in, we would recommend NordVPN due to its success and reliability. NordVPN provides an easy-to-use VPN service that can secure up to 6 different devices at one time.
Click the link and check out the website. If purchased, simply follow the installation steps and enjoy your new network.

whats the down side?

VPNs aren’t perfect. Certain sites won’t load if they are blocking the use of VPNs. You may also notice some sites running slower. On the flip side, VPNs undeniably increase your browsing security. Along with that, sites like YouTube have been known to run better on VPNs, especially during peak hours.

VPNs aren’t a necessity but if you frequently use public wifi, especially to do things like work, check personal sites, or pay bills you should consider looking into a VPN. If you have more questions regarding VPNs feel free to contact us directly.

Bonus: Using a VPN can grant you access to other countries streaming websites (Netflix & Hulu) which allows you to choose from more shows and movies that aren’t on the US versions of those sites.

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