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Updating Your Router

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“Page cannot be reached”

The somewhat familiar yet dreaded message is the bane of anyone trying to be productive online. Whether you’re browsing, paying bills, or streaming movies, a slow router isn’t fun at all. Apart from frequent delays in internet use, routers can also become infected which may compromise your cyber security.

Why You Should Update Your Routers Firmware

Updating your routers firmware will ensure full security and it will also most likely help your internet speed if you’ve noticed a strange dip in connectivity. Sometimes slow internet is a location or service issue, however, updating your router is an easy step to check off the list when trying to figure out the solution.

Here are a few simple steps to resetting a router

1) Search for the website that shares the same name as your router (ex. Netgear) and then select the “update firmware” option. Firmware is software that is embedded in a piece of hardware.

2) Alternatively, you can try entering these default IP addresses into the search bar.
– 10.0.o.1

3) If the number is correct a box a box will pop-up asking for a username and password. The default answer to these is “admin” and “password” respectively. Sometimes the password is found on the bottom of the router.

4) Run the firmware update and wait for it to finish up. Wait for the okay and follow the remaining steps.

5) That’s it! Minimal effort required and now your router has reinforced protection and should run a little more smoothly.

Simple maintenance like this is similar to taking your car to the shop. It might be running fine, but a quick check up and a fluid change and your car feels a little better. Remember, technology isn’t always as complicated as it may appear. Updating your routers firmware does a lot for you and it’s quite simple.


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