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How to solve all your password problems

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Passwords Can Be Easy

We’ve all been here before, passwords can be one of the most annoying parts of our digital lives. They are required by all of your accounts, you want a different password for each account, and if you set a weak password you’re just asking for your account to be broken into. So how can they be easy if you need a different password for each of your accounts, and they all need to be strong?

Have you ever forgotten your password to one of your online accounts and spent FOREVER trying to log in? You tried your normal password, your variation on the password, you tried your possible extra passwords, but nothing worked. When you try to reset your password the system tells you that you can’t use a password you’ve used in the past.

If You Want Strong Passwords For All of Your Accounts Use A Password Manager

Password managers take nearly all of the headache out of creating passwords, and logging into your accounts. Password managers are much more useful than a notebook or spreadsheet full of your passwords, and are easier to use. Just remember your master password and, your password manager will take care the rest.

Password managers work by creating a secure “vault” for you, that even if hackers broke into there would be no information they could read. You protect this vault with the strongest password you can remember, if you need help making a password check out our guide “How To Create A Strong Password”.

Now whenever and wherever you are logged into your Password Manager account your accounts login information will be filled in automatically for you. No more stressing trying to remember which password was used for what account. No more changing your password every time you log into your account because you can never remember the password. No more stress.

Once you’ve made your vault, and you have a strong password to protect your vault, you simply log into your accounts as normal. When you log into your accounts you will get a pop-up in the top right corner of the screen asking you if you want to save the password. Simply hit add and the account you just logged into will be saved to your password manager Vault.

Password managers can even help you improve the passwords for each your accounts as well. You will get notifications about weak and reused passwords, along with suggestions of strong new passwords you can use. If a website that you have an account with was hacked, your password manager will notify you of the data breach and suggest changing your password for the website.

How to Create a Strong Password

Is Trusting a Password Manager
With My Passwords Safe?

Password managers are much safer than the alternatives most people use instead. They are safer than reusing passwords, or making slight variations of the same password for all of your accounts. They are more reliable and more available than a notebook, or spreadsheet on your computers desktop.

There are four ways password managers are much more secure than your average password process. Your account login information is stored in such a way that if hackers did break in they couldn’t read anything, Each of your accounts will have a different strong password, and you only have to remember one strong password.


Below is a picture of encrypted code. If a hacker did break into your password manager they would see something like this that would continue on for pages. A password manager was built by security experts, unless you’ve got a degree in cyber security trust the guys that do this for their day job.



If you use one password to log into all of your accounts, or even a small variation of one password you are leaving yourself wide open to hackers. If a hacker comes across one of your passwords they can attempt to log into all of your accounts, and go through a simple process to get all of your variations of the password used as well.

With a password manager you will get notified about which accounts are sharing a password, along with the accounts that have weak passwords. The process to change these passwords is simple, and you’ll even get suggestions for new passwords to further simplify having a different password for each account.


While only having all of your passwords and accounts in one place might seem less secure, it is actually much more secure than most of your other options. By using one password to log into your vault of passwords you can create one super strong password that you can remember, while all of your other accounts can have passwords that are too strong to crack.

As long as your password to your password manager is too strong too crack, you keep your devices free of viruses and, don’t log in on public wifi without a VPN, your password manager will be much more secure than any other form of password management.

Our guide to VPNs or Virtual Private Networks, why you need to use them, and how to get one will be coming soon. If your wondering how strong your passwords are, enter a password you might use in the link below (please don’t enter your real password), and GRC’s website will tell you how long it would take to break that password using common hacking software.
Something like “Thecowjumpedoverthemoon!” would take 6.51 billion trillion trillion centuries to crack using traditional hacking methods.
To try GRC Password haystack click on the link below.

GRC’s Password Haystack

Which Password Manager Should You Use?


LastPass is the password manager i personally use to manage all of my online accounts. It is incredibly easy to set up and use, while being much stronger than nearly any other option of password managers.

You can access all of your accounts from inside your “LastPass Vault”, the log in information for your online accounts will be “auto-filled” on any device with the LastPass extension installed, and you will be warned about weak or duplicate passwords.

By allowing you to use one strong password to log into your “password vault”, LastPass makes it simple to manage your online accounts. No longer do you need to track down the notebook holding all of your account names as well as passwords. Heaven forbid if you misplace that book!

Once you have logged into an account and had LastPass store the password, you are given the ability to never have to type your account name or password again. Simply go to the log in page for your online account, and LastPass will automatically fill in the user name and password. No more spending time using trial and error to find the right user name and password!

Best of all, if any of your passwords are used more than once, or are weak, LastPass will warn you of the weak or duplicate password and suggest a change to the password. LastPass will even suggest a strong new password you could use. If you don’t want to make a new password, LastPass can automatically change your password for most websites.

If Your Interested in Signing Up for LastPass,
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Sign Up For LastPass

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