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Washington State Passes Net Neutrality Laws

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© Ted S Warren with Associated Press
Gov. Jay Inslee Signing in Net Neutrality Law ©Ted S Warren with Associated Press

Washington State Passes The First Net Neutrality Law For An Individual State.

Back story

After both consumer and corporate outcry, the FCC decided to move forward with the repeal of "Net Neutrality" in December 2017. Since the repeal the public and corporate outcry has been just as loud and persistent. There have been 12 lawsuits filed by over 36 different entities, with a mix of states, corporations, and consumer rights groups.

Washington state's first

Washington State became the first state to officially sign "Net Neutrality" to law on March 5th 2018. The Law was passed by Gov. Jay Inslee with the following quote to pair with his signing of the law. “At the core of our action today is consumer protection,” Gov. Inslee said in an interview with The Washington Post “States need to act because under the Trump administration, we have seen citizens, including seven million in Washington, stripped of core protections like the open internet.”

The fight continues

All of the actions taken by State law makers, corporations, and consumer rights groups will inevitably end up in repeals court. The Change in Law by Washington State as well as the executive action signed by 11 mayors will land in a repeal court. The 12 lawsuits in place have been merged into one large lawsuit, to be handled by Ninth Circuit Court in San Fransisco. Any action taken will end in a lawsuit. the FCC has announced it is the only entity fit to oversee the governing of the Internet, due to the internet crossing of state lines.

What do rights on the internet mean to you?

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