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How To Create A Strong Password

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Your password is the last line of defense to your online life. If a cyber criminal were to get your passwords, they would be able to log into any of your online accounts that use your stolen password and email. If the hacker gains access to multiple of your accounts due to you using one password, this could spell real trouble.

What happens if a hacker gains access to your accounts?

This all depends on which account the hacker got into, and what they were after. If a hacker gains access to your bank account, they will look to drain it. if they gain access to your email, the hacker will seek to gain access to your other accounts such as your bank account, or social media. If the hacker gains access to your social media, they’re trying to steal your personal data, friends list, and infect your friends accounts or devices.

1 simple huge layer of protection:
A Strong password

By making a strong Password for each of your accounts you will be raising yourself above a “low hanging fruit” for hackers to attack. This is a much more simple process than we have been taught if we use a few simple tricks. By utilizing Password managers, creating password based off phrases you will increase your protection dramatically, and by having a different password for each online account you have. By taking these three simple steps your accounts will be miles harder for a hacker to break into.

3 Steps To Strong Passwords

Use a Password manager
Use a phrasing system
Don’t re-use passwords

Use A Password Manager

  • Why You need one

    We all know remembering a million passwords can be difficult. Let a Password manager take care of the hard parts for you. Simplify your life, while increasing your online security.

  • what it does

    A password manager keeps track of all of your passwords.
    It will monitor and rate your passwords for strength and re-use.
    Along with Allowing you to never have to type a single password again.

  • How to sign up

    To learn more about a top notch password manager, check out LastPass. Click on the link below to be taking to LastPass’s website.

Learn More

Use a “Phrasing system”

© XKCD source:
  • 01

    To do this simply think of 4 random memorable words or objects. Think of the 4 objects on your desk in front of you, or 4 memorable objects from your childhood. then simply add a number to the front or end, along with a simple such as an exclamation point. Now you have a password thats probably 15-20 characters long.

  • 02

    Use the above image from “XKCD” as an example of how to string 4 random words together, and to jump start your thinking of 4 simple words you could use to make a strong password for yourself.

  • 03

    To ensure your password is strong click the button below to test your possible passwords in a “Needle in a Haystack test”, a tool used to tell you how long a computer would take to crack your password.

Password Haystack

Don’t Re-Use Passwords

  • 01

    You are trusting each company you make a password for to keep that password you made for their website safe.
    Creating a unique password for each account you have can be difficult yes, but it is so very important.

  • 02

    If you are re-using a password across multiple accounts you are leaving yourself vulnerable to having all of the accounts with that password hacked. With the two tools previous explain you should be able to easily manage a different password for each of your accounts.

  • 03

    By utilizing a password manager you can eliminate the hassle of using a separate password for each of your accounts.
    It will war you of re-used passwords.
    Along with keep your passwords in a simple to use “vault”.
    It will even create strong passwords for you!

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