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3 steps to safer online shopping

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becoming safer online can be

Having your credit or debit card stolen online is one of the most stressful situations you can be put through online. Thankfully there are a few simple tricks and tools you can use to keep yourself infinitely safer online.

3 Simple Steps

Only use clean devices

One of the most simple ways for a cyber criminal to steal your credit card number, and hack your online accounts is to infect your devices with viruses, and malware. Viruses and malware can effect your computer, smartphone, tablets, WiFi router, and any other device connected to the internet.

Keeping a clean device is a fairly easy process. It starts with ensuring your device and Data are clean. Add a paid anti-virus to ensure your device stays clean. use a program to create a "Virtual environment", or "Virtualization" to do any potentially unsafe internet browsing.

01 To ensure your data is clean ask an expert to scan your computer, tablet, or phone to ensure your data is clean. To find an expert near you, simply search google for tech support near me. If there is local tech support it should pop right up. We of course provide this service, If you would like to have Above And Beyond Tech scan your device, data, or you need tech support just simply click on the box below.

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02 An unpaid anti-virus often times does not have the automation you need for the antivirus to keep viruses or malware off your computer. You want an antivirus with On-Demand Malware Scan, On-Access Malware Scan, Website Rating, Malicious URL Blocking, Phishing, Protection, Behavior-Based Detection, and a Vulnerability Scan. For an added bonus, your antivirus should include a "Virtual Environment" to fill the third suggestion of how to keep your device clean.
I suggest using Bitdefender Total Security for your antivirus to provide all of these benefits.

03A virtual Environment is like having a second computer inside of your computer. Its easy to restore the virtual computer back to a clean state after an unsafe internet browsing session. They are easy to maintain and keep running at a fast pace. This will also help to ensure your main computer stays fast, clean, and in top running shape. to get a virtual envirionment on your computer sign up for Bitdefender Total Security, or follow our guide on installing VirtualBox.

Use Password Managers

A password Manager houses all of your Passwords in one place for you, similar to how the banks keeps your money in one account so its easily accessible, while still being secure. You create one strong password (16-20 characters) to log into your "password vault". The password manager will then fill in your log in information when you go to any of your account log in pages, such as the log in page.

and the password manager will notify you of weak passwords, accounts using the same password, and passwords that should be reset due to being compromised because the website that password is being used for was hacked.

I suggest using Lastpass, To learn more click on the button below.

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Use a credit card

Using a credit card over your debit card is the defacto form of payment to keep your self safe when making online purchases. There are better fraud protections, such as a limited liability of 50$ if you report the card stolen within 60 days of the fraudulent transaction.

For debit cards the limited liability of 50$ only lasts for 2 days from the time of the transaction for you to report the card stolen. after that 2 day period your 50$ liability jumps to 500$. Your debit card is also directly tied to your bank account making it possible for the thieve to drain your bank account, and force you to wait days for your bank to return any of your money back to your account.

Have any questions?

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